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Free relationship advice on how to get a relationship

Successful relationship tips, free relationship advice

"Great job on your book! Wonderfully professional and eloquent while still humorous"

- Paulette

"I wholeheartedly recommend Jo Anna Philips' coaching to all. She will teach you how to create the ideal life ahead and renew your confidence."

- Kevin

How to Shop for the
Perfect Relationship

The Ultimate Dating Guide
for Men & Women

Jo Anna Philips, C.B.T., C.C.H.T.

Dating is shopping...and shopping is the #1 leisure activity in America. Top shopping expert and Certified Life Coach Jo Anna Philips helps you find the perfect relationship.

In this dating guide, you will learn
  • How to define what you need to find what you want

  • How to develop a shopping list to find the perfect relationship

  • How to create a successful attraction strategy

  • How to recognize personality types

  • How to know what you’ll get before you go there

  • How to use rapport in shopping for dates

  • Where to shop for the perfect relationship

  • How to avoid being “shopping mauled”

  • What to do if you have “buyer’s remorse”

  • How to say “good-bye” to your good buy

  • “What a wonderful read! Jo Anna writes with great clarity, insight and humor. If you are single, this book is a MUST!”

    - Jennifer Martin, author of "The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins"

    “This book is the definitive navigation tool, a GPS to guide you through the dating maze.”

    - Mike Bossick, Executive Editor, Transgrid Media Corporation

    "Every single man and single woman alive today should keep a copy of this book in their back pocket as a trusted travel guide through the jungle of today's dating world. By reading this book, not only will they enjoy the journey but they will have effectively collapsed the amount of time it took to get through to the other side."

    -Jerome Braggs, CEO & Founder of Master Your Life Academy, LLC

    "After working with Jo Anna, I have not only learned a great deal about myself, but developed new skills. I am happy again, have begun dating and see a new and bright future ahead. This stuff really works!"

    - Lorraine

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