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Welcome to CitySingle,
your guide to life in the Single Lane.  We are your Single Source for finding and developing successful relationships.  With attention to intention, we  offer solution-based coaching which will help you define your goals, move toward them, and achieve your desired results.

CitySingle will help you dissolve unconscious negative patterns, blocks and obstacles that stand between you and the life that you desire.  We encourage passion and purpose, integrating all your life systems together.  It's like having a personal trainer for your mind!

Consider us your Dating Coach.  We are NOT a dating service.  Rather, we enable you to create and explore dating  options.  We are action-oriented and future-focused for rapid results.  And through it all, we will put a smile on your face and a dance in your step.  After all, dating is fun!

* how to define what you need to find what
you want

* how to develop a "shopping list" to find the
perfect relationship for you

* how to recognize personality types

* how to know what you will get before you
go there

* how to use rapport in shopping for dates

* how to create a successful attraction

* where to shop for the perfect relationship

* how to understand who is "perfect" for you

* how to create and nourish a satisfying


Our blog, is a teaser of the information you will receive and the fun you will have receiving it.  It may be a clever commentary on an aspect of singledom or a reminder of relationship accountability.  Our blog works in concert with our workshops to reinforce the right notes in your single song.

Our soon-to-be-released book, "How to Shop for the Perfect Relationship", is the ultimate dating guide.  Since dating is shopping for a relationship...and shopping is the #1 leisure activity in America, top shopping sleuth, Jo Anna Philips, will help you find the perfect relationship.  In a humorous but informative format, the wonderfully valuable guide is meant as a complement to our dynamic CitySingle workshops.